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Artist’s Statement:

I can remember always having a pencil in my hand. Whenever I found myself with some free time, I was drawing. The subject matter consisted mostly of animals, domestic and wild, and I would draw them until they were perfect in their anatomy and expression. All this practice prepared me and ultimately set my course into the artworld.

Painting is my refuge and escape from the everyday. Like most artists, I must find the time to capture and create those moments which inspire me. It is a certain time of day, the color of the sky, or reflections in a body of water that will spark a painting. My love for the outdoors and all it as has to offer as a painter introduced me to the landscape . The whole experience of plein-air painting is truly an exercise in observation. I will usually start a painting on location, making several drawings and then reworking the final painting in my studio.

My paintings are inspired by how light sets the drama of color, shadow and the rhythm in a compostion. I do most of my painting on the southern shores of Massachusetts, where everyday you can find a new interpretation of what you see. Coastal landscapes always seem to present a new challenge with their constant change of chromatic schemes and seasonal personalities. There is always a different translation or version of these native offerings.
Boston artist Christine Bodnar
Pastel currently is my medium of choice. I am a painter who has worked in all media but find that pastelsvoice what I am feeling and seeing a with drawing freshness.

Whatever the approach, a playful composition of dramatic strokes or a more realistic representation, there is always something to stimulate the artist palette. The goal I set for the future is to keep the communication between myself and what I see interesting and new. Color and line are the visible elements that I respond to as a painter. They are what I relate to in a landscape and I feel make a painting exciting.

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